We all know that fashion is pretty circular, everyone loves to revisit trends of the past and put a modern twist on it, from 70s flares, to 50s skirts to 60s colourful patterns.  But who knew that the 00s would already be coming back around this soon?

Everywhere you look it’s pretty apparent that the 00s are back and there’s not much that can be done to stop the storm of Ugg boots and low-rise jeans coming towards you.

Here are some of our fave trends that we can bring into this decade without looking like a Disney star on the red carpet **cough Ashley Tisdale cough**


00a fashion Beyond Retro


Velour Tracksuits

The absolute height of both style and comfort. If your bum didn’t have Juicy written on it, who even where you?

We can thank Paris Hilton for helping merge the words of comfort style and glamour. The ultimate face of velour tracksuits. And you can thank brands like Vetements and Namilia for bringing us the modern versions.

If you want to update this style nowadays go for a pair of high waisted and wide tracksuit bottoms and a cropped velour hoodie and some chunky trainers.


00s fashion miniskirts Beyond Retro


Micro mini skirts

Has anyone ever said to you “That’s not a skirt! That’s a belt!”? Then you know how to properly rock these skirts. After all the saying is, good things come in small packages, so these skirts are clearly great.

How do you wear them you ask? With a vest top that is 3 sizes too small obviously. Add lots of belts, some knee high boots and a baker boy hat and you’ve got it nailed.


Tiny Bags

If you thought the skirts in the 00s were small, then you should check out the bags. The smaller the better and the more emblazoned with a designer logo the better.

While these bags were big enough to keep your phone and Lancome Juicy Tube Lip Gloss in, the bags these days seem to have gotten even smaller! Check out the cultish Jacquemus offerings where all you could fit are your loose change.

Tiny Bags 00s Fashion Beyond Retro

Dresses over jeans

This one is tenuous and the idea of it brings a lot of fear to people. But wearing a dress over jeans doesn’t have to look heinous! Bring the look to the present by wearing a mini dress that you would have previously thought was too short over a pair of boot cut trousers or plain jeans.

Cargo pants

Always forget where your phone or keys are? No problem! They’ll be in your pockets! 

These trousers are the height of practicality, especially considering the usual size of the pockets on women's trousers. You can keep all your essentials close and handy or you can use it to keep multiple snacks or other fun things, as well as looking cool.

Handkerchief Hems

These hems don’t know what they’re doing, they go here there and everywhere! But they look so good billowing in the wind, making you seem like the ultimate main character.

00a Fashion Beyond Retro

Nice top and jeans

We miss the days when the go to response when asked ‘what are you wearing tonight’ was always a nice top and jeans. These had to be some sort of strappy halter top and low rise bootcut jeans though obviously.

Nowadays the going out top is still going strong but the way it’s worn has changed mainly to high rise jeans or the plethora of trouser cut options that there are. We love mixing the nice top and jeans idea with an elegant 80’s silk blouse and some leather trousers if you're not up for the bootcut jeans and strappy shrunken tops.


November 24, 2020 — Neda Hashemi