5 office party looks over zoom

Everyone spends most of the year still telling the wild gossip tales of christmas work parties, it's what makes the day go by. Even though our parties may be looking a little bit different this year, it’s still a glorious excuse to show off your amazing style outside of office suits and uniforms.

The best part about being at home for the party? You wont need help getting home after one to many mulled wines. Plus you're not gonna get caught under the mistletoe with anyone.

Beyond Retro Party Office Looks


Even though the settings and events are much more low key, that’s no excuse for your outfit to be! Here’s a few of our favourite party looks which will dazzle all of your colleagues while on your Zoom party!

You don’t even have to stop with your outfit, you could always bedazzle your headphones and bring any and all decorations into your background to show how really into christmas you are.


Blind your colleagues with your radiant beauty and gleaming sequins, you could even angle your lamps towards you to ensure maximum glisten. Just take inspo from Rihanna, and shine bright like a diamond. 

We’re fully stocked with all of the most embellished pieces from the 80’s you could ever need. If shoulder pads aren’t your thing you can always easily remove them or keep them to look extra powerful over the camera.

Beyond Retro Vintage Party Dress



The holy grail of convenience. An entire outfit in one. Never worry about matching your top with your trousers again. While the only drawback is when you need to pop to the loo, while you’re at home on Zoom no one will hear you’re tripping over yourself!

Jumpsuits have always had the air of the mysterious cool person, they always seem so together and polished (probably because their entire outfit is sewn together).

Christmas Jumpers

It is the season after all.

How many wears do you wanna get out of your hilariously cute christmas jumper? Now is the perfect time to parade it for everyone to see! Don't forget to add your santa hat or even christmas cracker paper crown to complete the look.

Or if you want your festive cheer to be a bit more subtle, you could always opt for a tartan print dress or go for heavy velvet pieces! Just add some mega sparkle earrings and you’ll be as pretty as a christmas tree.

Beyond Retro Vintage Christmas Jumper



Have you ever been to a christmas party where no one was wearing a velvet item? No? Us neither. 

Winter is velvets time to shine. It’s cosy, soft and looks luxurious. The ultimate. 

Velvet wide leg and high waisted trousers are perfect for everyone, just pair it with your favourite party top. Or even another velvet top for a double velvet look!


Silk Blouses


Beyond Retro Vintage Silk Blouse


If you're going more for a comfort vibe with your party look or if sequins just aren’t your vibe then silk blouses are ideal.

They have the gloss that will add the shimmer which seems to be required and they always look so good.

The added bonus is it’s something you can wear all year around!


For more party season inspiration, check out our favourite party boys and girls of all time!

December 14, 2020 — Neda Hashemi