In 1922, the world saw the ever so frightening and highly influential silent horror film, Nosferatu. When this classic Halloween creature became Arran's stage persona, we just had to interview him to find out where his love for creepy creatures came from!

What made you decide to become Nosferatu on the reg?

I've had a long-standing love affair with silent, black and white movies from the 20's for many years. While I was trying to develop my character persona for stage work, my physicality and art deco gothic aesthetic pointed the way to the 1922 Nosferatu by F.W Murnau, and I fell in love with becoming my interpretation of the character.
If Nosferatu was considering branching out from his usual maxi cape, what would he consider wearing?
Well, as a gender non-binary creature the options are limitless, and, "living" through a countless number of style changes (and centuries!) they've seen a lot of trends come and go. However, I see them being drawn to architectural pieces, like the extreme body sculpting tailoring of the 70's/80's or a trailing maxi dress from the 30's, but they aren't something who likes to put limits on personal style. 

Your fashion sense is very spooky. Who are your biggest style influences?

I'm very much influenced with whatever I'm "in to" at the moment. Currently, I'm very inspired by looks of the early "Shakespeares Sister" music videos. Androgyny in monochrome.

How many products and how much time does it take to get into character?

I keep the colour pallet very minimal as, they are a black/white character, but I find red really makes him pop on stage, so with the prosthetic ears, teeth and eyes, I keep his skin products minimal, but use around ten to twelve products to get the right effect on the lips and around the eyes. All in all, it will take me as long to get ready as I can. I love the process of transforming, so it can go from 45 minutes to 3 hours depending on how long I have, and I'll love every second of it.

What does Nosferatu like to get up to when he’s not on stage?

Well, after being locked away for so long, they are ready to get out and see the world! They can be found in as many theatres, clubs and cabarets as will have them, and always be happy to dance, take pictures, give hugs, with those who aren't too scared to make the first move!

What other characters have you dressed up as?

I'm always attracted to a good monster, I've been a snake person for a hot second, a spider woman is on the slow burner and a semi-real vaudeville woman called Frieda Hollandaise of the "Hollandaise Sisters" all infused with that "Deco Punk", dark comedy, a gothic sensibility that I love.

Does Nosferatu have any Halloween plans?

Well, they are desperate to get out and meet as many people as possible while the opportunity is here so hopefully, cloudy weather permitting, they will be lurking around the Brighton Beyond Retro store for as long as they can, to meet everyone and try on as much as possible. Then, the evening of the 31st, some friends of theirs, Sophie and Megan (Cinebra) are holding a History of Horror seminar at the Brighton Rialto Theatre in which they make a delightful cameo. The show starts at 20:00 so cancel all plans and get yourselves down there, you may even see little Noss Noss in the shadowy corners.


If just like us, you're a huge fan of Arran's work, you can follow the life of Nosferatu over on his Facebook, Instagram or Youtube channel!
All images by Greg Bailey at Alright Darling Zine
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October 23, 2017 — Alishia Dickenson