Join us in our Coal Drops Yard store to celebrate Earth Day on the 20th April.
7:45pm - 9pm

Beyond Retro, Coal Drops Yard. N1C 4DQ

Want to learn more about the circular economy and how to reduce your environmental impact? Join us at our Earth Day April 2023 panel event where we will be talking about ways in which we can be better towards the planet, small changes we can make towards this and how striving for a circular economy can help towards a better world for us all.

Panelists - 

​​Esther Knight - Founder of Fanfare Label, an award winning clothing brand, changing the way people buy, wear and consume clothing. 

Lizzy Woods - Love Not Landfill Lead, a non-profit campaign to encourage fast fashion fans to buy second-hand, swap, recycle and give to charity. 

Nora Eslander - Head of Communications and PR at Renewcell, a Swedish textile recycling company on a mission to change the global textile industry for the better.

Francesca Sieler, Global Marketing Director at Beyond Retro, Bank & Vogue, BVH Services and Beyond Remade, will be moderating.

Get your FREE tickets for the Earth Day April 2023 event from the link below, plus FREE drinks and late night shopping!

January 05, 2024 — Gabi Kleanthous