So, its almost that time of year again. The time that has led to stampedes on the high streets, websites crashing and more consumer chaos, all for the joy of a bargain. Its now part of our shopping mindset, BUT, it is possible to still nab bargains and make a positive impact. Because if that's not what 2020 is about, we'll go back to our lockdown nap...

Here are some easy tips to follow to make your Black Friday more GREEN this year <3

Beyond Retro Green Friday


Think Big, Shop Small

2020 has hit a lot of businesses hard, and its been incredible to see how much customers want to support the companies they care about (sidebar, we've really REALLY appreciated it, tysm). Make a list of all the small, independent places you like to shop and check them out for Black Friday. If you're not sure about a company's background, check out their about us to learn more about their ethos, their product and their values. If it speaks to you, then keep them going by making a purchase. We all need the support and you get something special for yourself in the process! Win win.


Beyond Retro Green Friday Shop Small


Make a list, check it twice

Planning what you need sounds veeery simple, but think about how easily swayed we all are by a bargain or panic buying something last minute for a loved one? Also how much has utterly random shopping been fuelled by boredom in lockdown? Now that you might have some spare time,try to do your research in advance and think about what you want to get. Remember, buying something you don't actually need is NEVER a good deal, this isn’t The Price is Right, you have no use for a jetski in Kent.


Beyond Retro Green Friday

Shop sustainable and help save the planet

Grabbing a bargain from a sustainable company means you'll help keep a business going that's doing good for the environment, and if 2020 has proved anything, its that we need to give some love back to Mother Nature. Plus, you get a real feel good factor for saving something from landfill and filling your world with recycled goodies, trust us. Check out our blog on great brands to satisfy your sustainable sale needs.

Beyond Retro Green Friday Shop Sustainable

Support a charity

So many companies are choosing Black Friday as time to give back. Or use the discounts as an opportunity to buy a gift and donate it, like to Samaritans Operation Christmas Child or Toys  for Great Ormond Street Hospital. Or check out Choose Love, that have a site which sells real products for refugees.

Beyond Retro Green Friday

November 17, 2020 — Neda Hashemi