One to watch! We hung out with Adora, the sensational music duo from London, as they rocked some iconic Beyond Retro outfits and spilled the beans on their new releases, fashion muses, and beyond!

First question, so how did the name Adora come about?
We wanted something short, impactful & easy to pronounce in multiple languages - especially English & Spanish. To be honest we went through tonnes of names & when we came up with Adora it just ticked the boxes more than any other name did. 

Describe Adora in 3 words. 
Fun, fashionable and versatile

When did you decide to form a band? Were you always a duo?
We both met in London in 2018 despite being from the same Island in the Canaries (Spain). The very first night we met each other we played together for the first time in front of a group of people. Since then we became best friends and bonded over our music taste, fashion sense, values and ambitions. We spent a couple going to gigs together and collaborating in every creative endeavour we could. We eventually came to a point where our artistic identity was so aligned that we needed to do something about it. We’ve always been a duo and plan on staying that way, we share the same upbringing and same influences, which is something extremely rare considering we grew up in the same place but didn’t know each other back then. We’ve built a level of trust and a way of working together that is beyond anything we could’ve ever hoped for or expected. So it truly doesn’t fill necessary to bring anyone into that space - at the end of the day it’s part of our individual and collective identities. 

images: @georgieprow

How do you want people to feel when listening to your music?
We aim for the listener to use our music as a  soundtrack for their self expression. That’s what we do with music we like, because music & fashion & self expression go hand in hand for us. They’re the things that allow us to express ourselves, so we want to provide that for other people. 

This really comes to life with every gig we play. We always see people come with their best outfits, making an extra effort & letting us know they did, feeling themselves and always ready to let loose in ways they wouldn’t otherwise - that to us is magical. 

What's your dream venue to play?
Not a venue but we’ve always had a connection with the main stage at Reading Festival cause we’ve seen some of our favourite shows ever there. Likewise, the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury is beyond iconic and must feel like being on top of the world. 

images: @georgieprow

Who are your biggest fashion inspirations?
People like Bowie, Prince, Madonna, Freddy Mercury… inspire us a lot. But to be honest a lot of our inspiration also comes from runway and magazine archives that we find on Pinterest or on physical magazines we get at charity shops. We also get inspired by one another all the time, which is why we’re often matching unintentionally - one of us chooses an outfit, the other one gets inspired and we end up looking like we tried really hard hahahah. 

Describe your personal style.
Daring, with a rockstar twist, finding clasiness and aesthetic in tacky styles and pieces. Very recognisable and flashy at times. Very true to ourselves and how we feel - we never dress for the ocassion, we dress for the mood we’re in. 

What’s your favourite item you are wearing right now and can't live without?
Tough one but a good leather boot is essential for us always, be it a cowboy boot, biker boot or anything like that. We vary our style a lot so we don’t often hyperfixate on that many things. We do love vintage pieces, leather, shiny and sparkly stuff, lace, colourful pieces, prominent shapes and fun textures like velvet for example. 

What’s next for Adora? What's coming up? 
We are releasing our new song COY BOY (Chico Raro) on the 19th of May. This song marks the beginning of a new era for us as this is the first song where we sing in ¨Spanglish¨. Our life has always been in Spanish and English, and we speak Spanglish between oursleves, so it was about time. We are having a Release Show on the same day to celebrate the release, which is about to be sold out. After that we will be travelling to Spain to play a few festivals and film a music video before coming back to record more music. You can expect a lot more music and fun stuff in the next few months, those are our priorities right now!

Keep up with the latest from Adora on Instagram: @adoramusicduo TikTok: @adoramusicduo
January 05, 2024 — Gabi Kleanthous