SoonNoon was founded by Jonathan Kopylov and Sandra Stadelmann in 2021, in the middle of a pandemic. They immediately got busy making various creative projects together, and as Jonathan was learning the craft of hat making and Sandra practiced her photography, they soon realized a concept was forming. "Why not make this into a brand!" they both exclaimed, and just a few months after they met, SoonNoon was born

Tell us about SoonNoon

”The idea of SoonNoon came from a passion for hats and vision to create hats to be worn by anyone in a contemporary urban environment. Most brands of handmade hats have a strong heritage aspect or an American Western aesthetic, but we want to make something that transcends that – a brand of crafted hats that lets you express your own personal style”, says Jonathan.

SoonNoon makes each hat by hand through traditional craftsmanship and using only premium materials like fur felts and straw ensuring that a SoonNoon hat is truly one of a kind. Not only do we certify unique and high-quality products to our customers – by making single units upon order, we also honor our commitment to sustainability by avoiding generating excess waste through overproduction.
We believe there is a unifying element that defines everyone who wears a SoonNoon hat: “Someone who’s not afraid of trying new things. A person who lives by the motto of ‘why not?’ and likes to have fun with style. We want to cater to the colorful character who celebrates life and its diversities”, Sandra concludes.

Tell us about your new collection of straw hats

The idea for straw hats had been on our mind for quite some time and when we finally found the right suppliers we immediately started working on a collection. We've always been inspired by and drawn to the Mediterranean (Jonathan being French and Sandra living in Barcelona for a while) so it felt natural to draw inspiration from that part of the world. As we made the collection, a trip to Menorca gave us the last missing piece of the puzzle, capturing the perfect essence of the Balearic mood we love so much. The styles are based on our classic shapes: fedora, bolero, and cowboy but made in bright colors and beautiful tie-dyes and gradients. We also wanted to add a sun-drenched and laid-back look to the hats so we added rope straps, pop-colored beads, and seashells for details.

Your 3 best tips on how to start wearing hats

1. Try many hats until you find your style! Certain hat styles look better on different face shapes. When you find yours, start with that style.

2. Choose a color and shape that you feel comfortable wearing to what you usually wear. There should be no need to change your whole wardrobe for a new hat. It's an accessory that complements your style.

3. Experiment! A hat should highlight your personal style and it can really make a difference to any outfit. It will always look best if you feel confident and in tune with yourself and your outfit.

January 05, 2024 — Gabi Kleanthous