With just over a week left until Valentines Day, love is well and truly in the air whether you like it or not. This year Beyond Retro is celebrating with a bunch of hilarious pop-culture inspired cards from the Kazvare Made It. Featuring all your favourite lovebirds from the 90s, we've got IRL honey's like Britney and Justin making an appearance as well as the fictional dream team that is Titanic's very own Jack and Rose. 

We caught up with the super talented illustrator to find out exactly what is behind these bad boys.

Valentines day cards

  • Hi Kazvare, describe your work in 3 words...
Bold, colourful, playful.
  • Where did your love for illustration come from?
I've always loved illustrating. I remember particularly loving to draw the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles when I was younger and would send my creations to various relatives (whether they wanted them or not).
  • What drew you towards using celebrities as your main subjects?
I find popular culture and the rise of celebrity fascinating; I incorporate famous figures into a portion of my work because there is often a great deal of fun I can inject into whatever I'm making. Moreover, having an immediately recognisable icon is a way to draw people to my art by using the familiar.
  • Your captions are a fun play on words, whats the cheesiest line you've come up with yet?
I try to aim less for cheese and more for the LOLs. I think making Valentine's Cards can be tricky in that respect; adding enough sentiment but still keeping things lighthearted is the balance I try to aim for most of the time.
  • We're super excited about the new Valentines range, got any love horror stories of your own?
No horror stories per se. A few years ago I had to go on a day trip (the day after Valentine's Day) to Paris by myself because my boyfriend didn't manage to get his passport back in time. But I had a great time to be honest; I got to visit all of my favourite thrift stores in Paris and I then went to the Louvre mostly out of guilt and just to say that I did something 'cultural', ha! The shirts I purchased were obvs the highlight of the trip though.
  • What's next on the cards for Kazvare Made It?
We have lots of exciting things in store. We are definitely working on world domination and have already begun with an amazing feature in VOGUE Japan's January 2018 issue. We also aim to expand our range and release a few fun books we've been working on. Stay tuned and follow us on Instagram and Twitter to witness our adventures!
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