Our very own Beyond Retro store in Brighton are opening the doors for comedy fans as the hilarious duo Bosh & Babbs (known in real life as Jessica Boshier and Kylie Babbington) take over the rails with a 3-night comedy performance. 

BOSH & BABBS *This Is Very Funny

31st May, 1st June, 2nd June

Join comedy duo Bosh & Babbs as they take over Beyond Retro with a brand new sketch experience filled with their outlandish characters premiering at Brighton Fringe.

Starring Jessica Boshier and Kylie Babbington
DIrected by Joel Babbington

One hour show, one hour 90s/00s party & FREE BEER from Brooklyn Lager!


Beyond Retro Brighton
42 Vine Street, Brighton, BN14AG

Make sure you grab a ticket from the Brighton Fringe website and click 'attending' on the Facebook event so your friends get the hint.

 Pop superfans Jade and Gemma will be returning after the show to pump out the throwback tunes with their very own Smash Hits disco. Have a sneak peak via the clips below to see what will quite literally be in store. 

Meet Ann & Judith

These former TV cooks are back and up to no good!

Meet Jade & Gemma

If you thought the Beliebers and Directioners were bad then you'll despise Jade and Jemma, the pop superfans who consistently take things too far. 

Meet The Real Mormon Housewives

No longer are we left wondering about what goes on behind closed doors in a typical Mormon household as Lorelai and Lorraine Hubbard are here to give us all the goss. 

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May 16, 2018 — Alishia Dickenson