In the run-up to Christmas day, we are asking our beloved Beyond Retro staff members what they're getting up to over the festive period. It's our second busiest time of year so of course, everybody is loving being pestered right now, although the majority of us are in high spirits and are waiting in excitement for Santa's arrival.

First up on the nice list is Jessica Hayman, one of our lovely sales assistants working in our flagship Cheshire Street sore near Brick Lane. 

Hi Jess! What have you asked Santa for this year?

Santa isn't real babe.

Yes, he is. What would you like anyway?

An industrial sewing machine, lots of clothes and make-up.

What are the best and worst gifts you've ever received?

The worst was a broken iPhone and the best was my dog.

If you had limitless bags of cash, what would you buy your best friend this Christmas?

Lots of designer clothes and trainers.

Fingers crossed you win the lottery then. What about your Mum?

A car that actually works and a holiday.

What is your Christmas party outfit or festive jumper looking like this year?

It's a Louis Theroux jumper that says "Dashing Theroux The Snow".

What do you get up to outside of Beyond Retro?

Seeing family, visiting exhibitions and going for drinks with friends. 

Fab! Thanks, Jess. 

November 23, 2017 — Alishia Dickenson