Coachella 2019: Do we care?

Coachella 2019: Do we care?

There’s no doubt that over the last few days your news feeds would have been full of run-downs of what everyone wore and ‘omg these two celebs are definitely dating, they were having fun at a festival together!’ Coachella articles. Whilst it can be fun to gawk at supermodels in festival outfits that cost more than a year’s worth of my rent it’s also a weekend rife with problematic behaviour.

Described on social media by one Twitter user Coachella has been dubbed the ‘Influencer Olympics’, which seems to fit when you consider the number of people flown out by brands for an all-expenses-paid weekend of content creating and selfie-taking. Whilst this uber-luxurious glamping experience does have the glossy veneer of our wildest dreams, this year there has been a lot of media attention pointed towards Philip Anschutz, the owner of the festival, for his sizeable donations to anti-LGBT and pro-gun organisations; the money for which he accumulates in part through Coachella. For a festival that has a carefully-constructed air of freedom, peace and love it is apparent that actually, these sentiments are more likely to be found on an insta-stars slogan tee shirt than the ethos of the festival organisers.

A million miles away from the tinny-drinking, rollie-smoking, Allan-shouting, mud-clad festy goers of the biggest British festivals such as Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds, Coachella is a manicured and manufactured exercise. Whilst we will always be interested in what our favourite celebs are wearing, we’re not sure that we can in good-conscience care too much about Coachella.

Instead, we present the 10 best British festival moments ever-


1. Daphne & Celeste- Reading 2000

Ooh stick you, the crowd were not having any of it when pop duo Daphne & Celeste took to the stage. Whilst they didn’t get a great reception, the flared-jeans and zebra print chunky sandals are definitely going to be my summer wardrobe inspo.

2. Damon Albarn falls off stage 2003

“I’ve always been uncool” Blur frontman said about his epic tumble from the stage whilst performing their hit Beetlebum at Reading Fest in 2003.

3. Beyonce Pyramid Stage Headline 2011

We obviously don’t need to say any more on this. She really did THAT… and whilst secretly pregnant.

4. Jeremy Corbyn Introduces Run The Jewels at Glastonbury 2017

Known for their left-wing, politically-charged lyrics and crowd-pleasing beats RTJ performed at Glastonbury following a passionate and rousing speech of freedom, equality and acceptance given by the leader of the opposition Corbyn. Of course, there was a lot of Oh-Jeremy-Corbyn chanting too.

5. Michael Eavis singing ‘My Way’ with Coldplay at Glastonbury 2016

Glasto owner treated the crown to a gravelly, impassioned rendition of My Way accompanied by headliners Coldplay.

6. Nirvana- Reading 1992

Still heralded as one of the best and most important festival slots of the last century, a defining moment for the band that was largely unexpected from the relatively new band.

7. 50 Cent booed off at Reading 2004

Over the years Reading has taken a move towards slightly more mainstream billings but 50 Cent was deemed a little too big of a jump at the time by the unimpressed crowd- they began throwing rubbish at the stage and booed the ‘In Da Club’ rapper. The difference between this in 2004 and Kanye being largely welcomed to the Glasto field in 2015 shows how the music landscape has changed, in many ways for the better, since then.

8. The debut of the ‘dance’ tent Glastonbury 1995

It’s hard to imagine a festival without a dance field where you can go and see your favourite DJ's live but until 1995 this was the case. Glastonbury introduced the tent with an inaugural lineup including giants such as Massive Attack and Carl Cox.

9. Jay Z’s cover of Wonderwall opening his headline set 2008

When Jay-Z was first announced as a headliner at 2008’s Glastonbury there was a lot of criticism and of course Liam Gallagher piped in with his thoughts on the matter however HOV proved he was more than capable of being a headliner. He came on to a slightly tongue-in-cheek cover of Wonderwall and then wowed with his live version of ‘99 Problems’.

10. From Glasto to Calais

Every year the festival site is left awash with discarded camping equipment, including a huge amount of wellies. In 2015 a wellie donation station was set up at the end of the festival to encourage revellers to donate their wellies to be sent to the Calais ‘jungle’ to help equip migrants. Over 500 pairs of wellies were sent as well as 2,000 brand new rain ponchos and first aid kits.


In summary, don’t have FOMO about not being at Coachella.

Festival style at Coachella 2018

8 Coachella 2018 Style Pics To Influence Your Next Festival Look!

Unless you've had your phone nicked or have been busy getting on with life, there's no doubt that Coachella 2018 was absolutely unmissable. From iPhone footage of Beyoncé giving us the performance of a lifetime to every influencer under the sun posing next to the iconic wheel, social media was truly coming down with festival fever.

What we were really checking out though were the dreamy ensembles, noting down our favourite 'fits for our future festival looks of our own this Summer. Check out eight of the best below and see how you can recreate their style with vintage picks from Beyond Retro. 

1. Double Denim 

Coachella style

Source: dovecameron

Dove Cameron and her boo are true couple goals, not only are they wearing matching double denim but her face is literally painted on the back of his top. Time to bag yourself a vintage denim jacket from our store and get creative! 



 2. Visors 

Festival accessories

Source: jeremy.moeller

For those who didn't get the memo, visors are definitely in again. If you can't afford Dior, don't sweat it: we've got them in stock at all our stores and they'll soon be available online just in time for festival season! 


 3. Practical Layering

Festival style

Source: jessica_nguyen_

Sheer dresses not only allow for cheeky layering but are the absolute best for running freely through the festival, although vintage trousers are totally the better option for all you budding crowd surfers. Bring along a printed bomber jacket for when the sun disappears but before then, don't forget an essential pair of sunglasses


4. Band Tees

Band t-shirt

Source: Kaitlyn Wilkins

There's no better time for a vintage band tee than at a festival, the perfect conversation starter for making friends in the campsite or merely repping your idols whilst they're performing right in front of you. 


4. Accessories

Coachella 2018

Source: bellahunter

Accessories are everything and at Coachella, the more is truly the merrier. Load yourself up with bangles and feathers, transforming yourself into a dreamy daytime diva. Discover statement jewellery styles including earrings, chokers and more online. 


5. Short Shorts

Denim shorts

Source: monique_thehairfreak

Everyone needs a good pair of denim cut-offs in their Summer wardrobe, perfect for both festivals and casual styling. We love that these besties have worn matching tiny shorts with a crop top to show off aspects of their own personality. 


6. Hats

Baker boy cap

Source: lindsay_foster

Baker boy caps and berets are the hottest trends this season. Not only do they look super cute but they'll shield your noggin from the harmful sun rays, meaning your outfit will be on fire but you won't literally be dying from heatstroke. 


Boho style

Source: jeremy.moeller

No festival is complete without boho and 70s hippy inspired outfits and this one is divine! We're totally digging the sheer bell sleeve two pieces but the cross body bag and cowboy boots really steal the show.

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