Lockdown Looks

Lockdown Looks

Who else is completely frazzled by lockdown? It’s completely understandable, 2020 has done enough to us all, no wonder it’s going to impact on how we dress as well! Whether you're still working hard and keeping the world turning, or sitting at home trying to keep your world from turning around, we’ve come up with some looks to give you a hand with it all.

Working From Home

Beyond Retro Lockdown Looks Sweatervests


Let's be real, Zoom meetings don’t need to know what you're wearing on your bottom half, or if you haven't changed your pajama bottoms in a couple of days. That’s just between you and your socially distanced delivery person. 

For optimum comfort and professionalism you might wanna go for a pair of elasticated tracksuit bottoms, a shirt and maybe a sweater vest and that’s an outfit you won't be embarrassed to show your deliveroo driver!

Disco Infurlough

Beyond Retro Lockdown Looks Party Dress


Does every room in your house sparkle from constant boredom cleaning? Then it’s time for you to sparkle too! We all have a special outfit in our wardrobes that we’ve never quite had the grand enough occasion for, well now is the time to put it on, grand occasion or not! 

Put on your best sparkles and do your own karaoke in the kitchen, use your broom as a mic stand. Or take out the bin bags and make your neighbours jealous. Or even just take some cute selfies to post and pretend like the world is normal.

Even though the days are darker and so is the world, we all deserve to sparkle and shine!

The Socially Distanced Walk

Beyond Retro Coats


This look is all about layers. You want to show off all of your amazing drunken late night purchases at once, with the added benefit of becoming impenetrable to not only the cold but all those germs. Plus the bigger the layers, the easier it is to distance yourself from others. 

You can go for 00s style dresses and skirts over jeans, or your new rad t shirt over a hoodie. These obviously have to be paired with your most ostentatious coat over the top, the fluffier and brighter the better.

Or go for the historical Balenciaga AW 2018 multi layer coat look and pay tribute to the OG king of layers, Joey from Friends.

Daily Exercise

Beyond Retro Sportswear


If you're missing the gym or you’ve decided that this time off is the perfect time to become the ultimate master yogi we’re freshly stocked with all of the sports brands that’ll make it look like you know what you're doing. Unfortunately we don’t have any sports injury supplies in stock for the next day when it’s feeling apparent that you didn’t know what you’re doing.

Luxe Lounger

Beyond Retro Lockdown Looks


It doesn’t all have to be tracksuits and fluffy dressing gowns. Sometimes you need a hint of luxury in your life. Mix things up with a silk slip dress or some 60s tulle night wear or walk around your lounge with a glorious kimono billowing behind you and pour yourself a glass of the second cheapest wine Tesco has to offer. 

Get The London Look: Street Style from LFW A/W 18

Get The London Look: Street Style from LFW A/W 18

For those who didn't get the memo or have been living under a fairly non-stylish rock, London Fashion Week kicked off over the weekend. Twice a year designers present to us their iconic collections, showcasing the very best styling that our city has to offer. There's no doubt that the weirdest and most wonderful looks truly come together with each style season. 
We took a few snaps of our favourite street style looks from attendees, including top trends such as cross body bags to popper sports pants and 70's grandpa vibes. Love the look yourself? We've added our favourite street-style alternatives so that you can shop the looks for yourself. You're welcome. 
1970s style
Military coat
Street style
statement earrings
Shearling coat
Key looks from fashion week 2018
Men's style at London fashion week
Head to toe colour at fashion week 2018
Men's street style
70's style at London fashion
Denim jacket look at fashion week 2018
Faux fur accessory
Trench coat fashion week style
Animal print
Sportswear as seen at LFW
1970's trend
2018 fashion week; sunglasses
Tracksuit top street style at London fashion week
And for everything else: https://www.beyondretro.com/
Don't forget to tag @beyondretro or #beyondretro when showing off your street style looks on Instagram! 
Layered sportswear style for men and women

Street Style Sports Focus

As you've probably seen on Instagram, layered sportswear looks are the hottest trend right now. Inspired by catwalk looks at Men's Fashion Week paying homage to the ultimate street style. With collections from brands like Prada and Vetements taking inspiration from the nineties and early Y2K, we figured the best way to achieve this look is by incorporating old school vintage styles into your wardrobe. It's a bold aesthetic, allowing for both peak comfort and rapid movement whilst still turning heads. 


Sportswear style

The majority of the styles have a strong focus on the colour black and usually includes a strong accent colour for contrast such as white, red, yellow or green. Textures including leather and nylon are combined to create outfits that feel as exciting as they look, creating the ultimate feast for the senses. As well as classic sports brands like Adidas and Reebok making obvious appearances, it's totally fine to be throwing leather trousers, kimonos and blazers into the mix. 


Women's street style fashion trend

Although the trend is primarily menswear based, ladies can fully jump on board too by combining casual sporty styles and clashing textures. Even borrow a couple of pieces from the guys if you have to. Think high necked jumpers and mesh layers under dungarees or tucked into popper tracksuit bottoms, with bandannas and obviously branded sports socks to accessorise. Consider incorporating a leather miniskirt for a feminine edge.


1990s street style

Jackets are a big part of the trend so it's time to dig out your Tommy Hilfiger windbreakers and vintage leather motocross jackets. Reversible puffers and Korean inspired bombers would also be very on point, even a longline leather jacket straight out of the Matrix layered over a sports hoodie would be cool. If you combine obvious branding combined with normcore staples, you're probably somewhere on the right track. 

Fancy getting a piece of the action or simply on a sportswear flex? Shop our Sports Focus edit now and be as happy as our models below. 

Models: Imogen @kate_lapitalism + Jordan @jordzbai

Photographer: Jasmine Dunne @jasmineldunne https://jasminedunne.online/

Assistant: Bella Paulo