Get To Know Nordic Knits

Get To Know Nordic Knits

Winter is in full swing which means we have now entered peak jumper season. Whilst ugly Christmas jumpers are pretty much inescapable, it's classier Nordic knit cousin is a fabulously cosy and way less garish option for those who want to keep warm in style. This is a must-have item for both those into Scandinavian styling and the consistently cold.

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The Origin of Nordic Knitwear

The traditional Nordic sweater features a wide decorative pattern around the neckline which is the same all the way around, meaning that you can wear it either way round and it wouldn't make a difference. It's named from the Icelandic lopapeysa from "Lopa" meaning wool and "peysa" translating to the sweater.

What are Nordic jumpers made from?

The real deal is always made from pure Icelandic wool with both inner and outer fibres that originate from sheep bred over 1000 years in sub-Arctic climates. There's nothing else quite like it in the world and anything manufactured else wear is considered a knockoff, the quality texture of the genuine product is both glossy and water resistant.

The Story behind the iconic Nordic pattern

You won't find many bright colours in these cuddly creations as the wool is mostly used in its natural hues: black, brown, grey and white. Although knitting came to Iceland in the mid-sixteenth century, this style of the jumper wasn't adopted until around the 1950's when they became an invented symbol of national identity following the countries' break away from Denmark. It's argued that the pattern draws inspiration from South American, Turkish and Swedish designs.

Norwegian variants of the Winter staple dates as far back as the 1500s and contribute to some of the most popular designs of the sweater to date. These versions of the Nordic sweater tend to be ever so slightly more colourful than their Icelandic counterparts. Two of the most renowned patterns attributed to this style are the setesdal lusekofte and the fana cardigan sweater.

Nordic Knitwear in Popular Culture

Nordic knit sweaters have been popular for Ski holidays since the 1930s. The 1950s saw the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly wearing these knit classic, right through the 1970s where Nordic knitwear became all the fashion for everyday winter wear.

Ingrid Bergman 1940s

The jumper was originally designed by Anna-Lisa Mannheimen around 1940 and the red edge pattern is a signature look from Swedish born actress Ingrid Bergman.

Grace Kelly 1960s

    The ever so chic Princess, and one of the worlds all-time timeless style icons. Seen here in a simple Nordic design cardigan in the late 1960s.

    Prince Charles 1980s

      It’s not every day you call Charles for some style inspo, but this cardigan polo neck combination is a must-have look for winter in a look that screams James Bond ski holiday.  

      Amy Pond in Dr Who 2011

        A modern take on the traditional jumper, and the beginning of the craze of wearing festive knitwear on Christmas day. Amy Pond from Dr Who pulls off a take on a traditional pattern from 1930s ski knitwear.

        Nordic Knitwear We Love

        Nowadays, Nordic and Scandinavian sweater fashions can be seen everywhere from the catwalk to the high street, and everywhere in between. Style them with a pair of high waisted jeans and a sturdy pair of winter boots and you'll have yourself the cosiest ever Winter outfit, ready to tackle the great outside or cuddle up with a book indoors.

        Men's Nordic Jumper

          Vintage Nordic Sweater From Beyond Retro

          Nordic Jumper

          The more traditional men's Nordic jumper isn’t just for a weekend of fishing in the icey scandi countryside, they are the perfect winter warmer and a staple wardrobe piece! Whatever era your style falls under, they are a go-to paired with classic wool-blend trousers and high top Converse for the ultimate daytime look.

          Nordic Cardigan

            Vintage Nordic Cardigan At Beyond Retro

            Nordic Cardigan

            The cosier cousin of the jumper, your cardigan can take any outfit a long way! Go for classic 1960s look and pair yours with a simple polo neck and high waisted capri pants, you can also dress this up for Christmas day and pair with a vintage dress, perfect after Christmas dinner and way too many glasses of Baileys...

            Non-Traditional Jumper

              Vintage Nordic Jumper

              Nordic Jumper

              The bolder the better when it comes to a non-traditional Nordic knit. Great for everyday wear and enough to brighten up anyone’s cold Monday morning. Pair with vintage Levis and ankle boots for a timelessly on trend look.

              Inspired? Read more about the humble Christmas jumper on our ultimate guide and show off your purchased on Instasgram by tagging #beyondretro.

              Blogger @livpurvis in one of our vintage Nordic Knits

              Words Mary Costello

              All Hail the Ugly Christmas Jumper

              What's that we hear you moan...? "Not Christmas already, it's only just been Halloween". Here at Beyond Retro HQ we are prepping for the Yuletide festivities and we would hate for you to miss out, so act soon if you want to get ahead of the curve and snap up one of these bad boys! 

              Once the embarrassing gift from your granny, the black sheep of the sweater family is preparing for a full fashion invasion, proving there's truth in the phrase 'one person's tacky is another girl's treasure'.  It's the return of the Christmas Jumper and it ain't for the faint-hearted.

              Vintage Christmas Jumper

              We all remember the infamous Bridget Jones scene where Mark Darcy (RIP) turns up in a rather fetching roll-neck affair decorated with a reindeer. The sweater has come along way since the days of Timmy Mallet (who'd have thought he was ahead of his time in the fashion stakes?) and much of this can be attributed to the hipster.

              Vintage Christmas Jumper

              Black Christmas Jumper 

              'Ugly Christmas Jumper' parties thrown by undergrads in Vancouver ensured that the competition for the most vile Christmas garb spread like wild fire amongst the urban bohemian youth. Any fans of the popular Danish thriller, 'The Killing'? Well, Sarah sure does rock those fair isle knits and has single-handedly popularized an array of snowflake patterned jumpers.

              Vintage Christmas Jumpers At Beyond Retro

              There's something of a comical irony in wearing sweaters of this variety and, whether it's that or the desire to go back to the home comforts of childhood Christmases, somewhere along the line they've become popular with fashionistas and the mainstream alike.

              Vintage Christmas Jumpers From Beyond Retro

              Green Christmas Sweater

              So the ugly jumper has made a come back, bobbles, sparkles and Christmas trees a plenty; offering a generous helping of Christmas cheese to all. The so-bad-they're-good sweaters make for ideal gifts or, let's face it, a little gift to yours truly. 'Tis the season to be jolly, so pull on some festive gear and get ready to spread some good ol' festive cheer!   

              Shop All Christmas Jumpers Here!

              Keeping Christmas Sustainable

              Keeping Christmas Sustainable

              It may be the most wonderful time of the year but the sheer amount of waste that occurs every festive season isn’t exactly bringing joy to the world. According to WRAP (Waste And Resources Action Programme), every year 500 tonnes of Christmas tree lights are thrown out as are 277,000 miles of wrapping paper, 74 million mince pies, 2 million turkeys and 250 tonnes worth of tree. That’s not even half of it!

              But that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to drop the festivities and immediately become a Scrooge, far from it! With a little bit of innovation, you can have yourself a merry little Christmas, just with a touch more sustainably. Here are a handful of ideas to keep you rockin’ around the responsibly sourced Christmas tree come December 25th.

              Swap The Wrapping Paper For Something Even Cuter

              Whilst recycling your used wrapping paper is an incredibly environmentally kind thing to do, getting rid of the stuff completely would be ideal. Trading a potential paper cut infliction for something soft and reusable such as a silk scarf, not only looks fabulous but will be treasured for life (or reused again to wrap your present next year). It’s essentially an extra gift. See our handy GIF for reference of assembly.

              Buy a set of three silk scarves from our website, or come into one of our stores to find the perfect pattern yourself.

              Ask What They Want

              Three People In Vintage Christmas Jumpers

              To reduce the fear of seeing your hard sought Christmas present in your local charity shop come New Years, or worse: the bin, have you ever considered asking your chosen recipient what they actually want? Perhaps instead of that kind of cute but totally unnecessary onesie you’ve been eyeing up in a branch of your preferred fast-fashion chain store, they are in dire need of a new sweatshirt after managing to spill red wine all down theirs at the work Christmas party. Think about it.

              Shop Vintage And Second Hand

              Two People in Christmas Jumpers

              One man’s trash is another one’s treasured Christmas gift! Not only does shopping vintage and secondhand drastically reduces negative impacts on the world around us but the quality of genuine vintage clothing is way better than modern-day high street garb. One pair of brand new jeans uses over 5000 pints of water in the production line, and you don’t need that kind of guilt playing on your mind when there’s delicious food to be eaten and perfect telly to be watched.

              Buy Vintage Christmas Jumpers

              You’ve probably heard us go on about how vintage is one of the best ways to reduce your environmental impact, but it’s true! And besides, no Christmas is complete without a jazzy jumper. Shop unique throwback styles complete with all the usual trimmings to bring some extra Christmas spirit to your celebration.

              Three Staff From Beyond Retro In Christmas Jumpers

              Vegan Food Christmas Alternatives

              Although meat eaters literally won’t stop going on about pigs in blankets every festive season, raising livestock causes over half of the world’s global emissions and animal farming creates around 18% of all greenhouse gases. Swapping to a nut roast with deliciously seasoned vegetables and a veggie stuffing could warm your stomachs without contributing to global warming.

              Sustainable Decorations

              Forking out for new tinsel and baubles every year, only for them to be cast away to sit in landfills forever isn’t so jolly. Try opting for something a little kinder like hung pine cones or chains made from recycled paper, even turning your old CDs into baubles. You can even make little gingerbread shapes and attach them to your tree using ribbon!

              Sustainable Christmas Wreath Decoration

              Gift Vouchers

              There’s nothing worse than receiving a present you’d never use, except maybe being the giver of the said gift. Let your loved one choose some goodies for themselves with a gift card, which we have available both online and in store. Waste not, want not.

              Shop Gift Vouchers AT Beyond Retro

              Cutting Christmas Waste

              We live in a society where being 100% waste free is genuinely impossible, but there are a few tricks to making it a little bit better. Cut down on your Christmas waste by donating any leftovers to food banks, downloading the Olio no waste food app and reusing gift bags when possible!

              Phone Showing Waste Reducing App

              Out With The Old

              In the disastrous event of receiving a gift so horrendous and unlike anything you’d ever imagine owning, or maybe your new gift renders an old favourite useless, perhaps you should consider donating elsewhere. Either drop it off at a local charity shop or re-gift to someone who could really need it. And after all, there’s always eBay, Depop, Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree!


              Recycling Sign

              Stuck for gifting ideas? Check out our online store and bag yourself or your loved ones the perfect Christmas present from our website

              Disco style party outfits

              Party Season Inspiration From Studio 54

              Party season is well underway and there's no better inspiration for vintage party wear than the infamous Studio 54.

              The former nightclub located at 254 West 54th Street, bang in between Eighth Avenue and Broadway in Manhattan, was the pinnacle of 70's hedonism.

              World famous for it's beyond imaginatively themed parties where everybody from postmen and retail assistants would be rubbing shoulders to disco tunes with celebrities and the incredibly wealthy, granted you were dressed fabulously enough to get past the lucrative doormen.

              One time Bianca Jagger even rode in across the dance floor on a white horse - totally iconic! 

              How To Get The Look


              1970s style glamour


              With December being the time for celebrating, whether it be your work Christmas party or New Year's Eve with your very best friends, there's no doubt that it's time to dress to impress and this year we're fully inspired.

              Channelling our inner diva, we're into velvet dresses under 70s shearling coats in every colour and statement accessories or shimmering hosiery to match.

              It's time to get on your dancing shoes and the higher the heel the closer to God. We recommend the biggest platform shoes known to mankind because le freak, c'est chic. 


              Party season style inspiration


              Not only does layering up to protect you from the bitter cold (seriously, it's minus two degrees at the time of writing this) but it gives you more of a chance to show off your look and exquisite styling skills. Throw a glamorous jacket over a sparkly vintage roll neck, a silk scarf over a retro jumper or even a raunchy fishnet body under a flared leg jumpsuit. Even making an entrance in a striking faux fur jacket for extra fabulousness wouldn't go amiss. After all, you can always ditch it in the cloakroom when things start hotting up. 


              Party outfits

              ✨Shop party tops ✨

              Whilst Studio 54 unfortunately closed down forever following the owner's arrest over tax evasion, it's still possible to party like we're there.

              Although arriving on an animal is probably more hassle than it's worth, it's almost necessary to go all out just to keep the spirit of the outrageous venue alive. 

              Gold sequined dress

              ✨ Shop the perfect NYE look ✨

              Still in need of desperate party outfit inspo?
              Head to our website and discover a whole universe of vintage goodies, ready for both party times and chilling out at home in front of Netflix the next day with a hangover. Don't worry, we've all been there. 

              Photographer: Greg Bailey 
              Make up: Evie Eden 
              Styling/Direction: Charlotte Lewis
              Assistants:Mary Costello + Hatti Rex
              Models: Chanel Ava Theo 

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              Get Ready For Our Garage Sale! EXTRA DATE ADDED ALL ITEMS £5 & UNDER!

              Have you heard? Our legendary Garage Sale is returning for one day only! 
              SURPRISE! WE'RE BACK!

              SATURDAY 10TH MARCH

              ONE DAY ONLY!

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              10,000 vintage one-off gems at our BEST price ever!


              The Beast from the East hold up a weekend of vintage shopping at our garage sale? Well, we've extended our HUGE garage sale FOR ONE DAY ONLY!  

              From 16th February until the 7th of March, our wonderful Swedish customers can grab a piece of the action for as little as 20KR per item. With 1000s of items added daily, you really don't want to miss out on our treasure trove of vintage gems.

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              PRIDE 2017


              Pride is coming to London! Pride is coming to Brighton! Pride is coming to Manchester and Newcastle and Liverpool! They are back and are sure to be bigger and better than ever! Join the masses in celebrating LGBTQ rights across the UK and dress fabulously while you do it! Whether you’re in the parades or enjoying the surrounding atmosphere, don’t lose sight of how these parades came to be. Beginning in 1972 as a political statement for the rights of the LGBTQ community and advancing through the years to take on homophobia and violations of people's human rights, Pride is so much more than a street parade. It is a statement of defiance. Defy with what you wear! We’ve created an A - Z of our top Pride must haves. Can I get an a-men!!!!   Pride_heart_vector_format.svg_
                A - ACCEPTANCE This we cannot provide, you must bring your own.

              B - BROLLIES Come rain or shine, we can provide you with a fabulous rainbow one!

                C - CHOKERS From leather to velvet, we’ve got you covered!

              D - DIAMONDS? For your face! We’ve got amazing stick on gems for your inner glamazon!

              E - EVENING GOWNS Sweep the streets with a fabulous floor length evening gown! Keep the streets tidy this Pride and look fabulous while you do!

              F - FEATHER BOAS We have the fluffiest, proudest boas in the land! Available in all our stores!

              G - GLITTER When in doubt, just add glitter.


              H - HOTPANTS We’ve got a fabulous selection of hot pants and short shorts to show off your pins! Werk it hunni!

              I - IRIDESCENT MAKE UP What’s better than your normal face? Your face with an iridescent highlight! Grab some amazing iridescent makeup and have the most holographic face at Pride!

              J - JUMPSUITS So say thank you for the music and put a jumpsuit on! Be inspired by the fabulous ABBA, and don a jumpsuit or a catsuit and take Pride back to when it first started!  


                K - KATIE JONES Wear your heart on your sleeve with some fabulous heart patches by the great Katie Jones this Pride!

              L - LEATHER Skirts? Jackets? Trousers? Chaps?

              M - MINI SKIRTS Bring some 60s style to Pride with a great mini skirt and a pair of thigh high boots!

              N - NAKEDNESS “We all came into this world naked. The rest is all drag!” Ru Paul.

              O - ONE PIECE SWIMSUITS One piece swimsuits, two piece swimsuits, three piece swimsuits... However many pieces you have, get them out for Pride! We’ve got some great vintage pieces to help you stand out from the crowd!  


              P - PLAYSUITS Play the day away in an adorable playsuit!

              Q - QUEEN AKA FREDDIE MERCURY Whether it’s an apron and a hoover or a wifebeater and a moustache, make sure you’ve got a little freddie with you!

              R - RAINBOW Rainbow everywhere! On everything! Need we say more?

              S - SPARKLE Sequins? Glitter? Heavy beading? Pride is the time to show those guys the light and let them sparkle!  


              T - TIE DYE TOPS What’s better than the rainbow? All of the rainbow, mixed up on one shirt!

              U - UNDERWEAR Bedazzle your undies, for a cheap and cheerful way to look fabulous whilst not over heating!

              V - VESTS… OF THE STRING VARIETY Is it actually Pride if you don’t see a string vest? We don’t think so! So grab one in store and don’t let the team down!

              W - WINGS! Fairy? Fabulous? Feathers? We have just the wings you’re looking for!


              X - XTRAVAGANT (sorry) Pride is the time to dress to the nines! Make sure you are the most Xtravagant version of yourself!

              Y - Y FRONTS Glitter up your Y Fronts, add wings and an arrow for the ultimate cupid look! Spread the love this Pride!

              Z - ZIGGY Let Ziggy shine through you! Don a skin tight jumpsuit, platforms and lots of glitter! (Eyepatch optional!)  


                Pride is proudly fabulous. One must dress to the nines and glitter is compulsory. But whatever you wear, remember why you’re there and celebrate the Creativity, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent of the LGBTQ community!  


              FESTIVAL WEAR


              FESTIVAL SEASON IS BACK! And June is bringing us some of the best! Download, Wild Life, Isle of Wight, Parklife Weekender? Glastonbury??? These amazing musical extravaganzas are fast approaching and we’ve got all you need to stand out from the crowd, come rain or shine!

              THE HIPPY TRAIL


              We’re following the hippy trail straight to this year's festivals! Pairing light wash denim with a cool waistcoat and maybe a pair of Birkenstocks for the ultimate Woodstock look!



              Short dungarees (or shorteralls as our American counterparts call them) are the perfect festival wear! Super relaxed but super cute and of course, super comfortable. Pair them with a cheesecloth blouse and woven sandals for the ultimate look! Find them here!

              IF THE SUN SHINES!


              If you're lucky enough to catch the sun this festival season, try a super cute crop top/bralette and some amazing high waisted shorts! Style this look with some big ol’ earrings and a detailed belt, but nothing that gets in the way of you feeling the music! Try some hightops so you can get your groove on! Find some here!

              AND IF IT RAINS!


              If we know one thing about England, it rains.. Alot! So why not prepare for a rainy festival with an amazing raincoat! Don’t let a little rain dampen your fun! Style with whatever you want - your outfit will be protected no matter what! Oh, and maybe a pair of wellies! Grab one here!

              THE JUMPSUIT


              Take it back to 1973 and grab yourself a statement jumpsuit for this festival season! Pair with a headscarf and flats for a laidback, chic look (Also practicality! Headscarf = hair out of eyes, flats = comfort!). Grab yours here!



              Would it even be a festival if fringe didn’t make an appearance? We think not! Can you mention Woodstock without mentioning Jimi’s white fringed jacket? No! So don’t be left behind this season, grab an amazing fringed jacket and let Jimi shine through! Get one here!



              No matter what you wear this season, be the best dress at the fests at stay fabulous! Find all you need here!

              Sustainable Business Booster!

              Beyond Retro is teaming up with The Fashion Debates to bring you a unique evening of sustainable business advice and speed-networking! This event will explore some of the challenges we face in the sustainable fashion field and help to provide vital information and inspiration to improve the work we do. From managing your supply chain to working on your brand identity, this is an opportunity to come together, learn from a fantastic line-up of guest speakers and make exciting new connections.

              WHEN: Wednesday 7th June 6 - 8.30pm

              How Much? Adults £10 - includes admission, free drinks & £10 off voucher for Beyond Retro. Students £5 - includes admission, free drinks & £5 off voucher for Beyond Retro.

              WHERE: Beyond Retro Dalston, 92 - 100 Stoke Newington Rd, London, N16 7XB


              Philip Wildbore, Founder of Monkee Genes Phil-Organic

              Philip founded Monkee Genes, a denim company prided on its ethical production, after becoming disillusioned with the disposable fashion on the high street. Founded in 2006, Monkee Genes has been working for over a decade on raising public consciousness around ethical fashion whilst creating on-trend denim. Phil has set up the charity Stop Taking The P, dedicated to promoting awareness of ethical production and supply chains, whilst supporting children’s education in Bangladesh.

              Find out more here!

              Bel Jacobs, Fashion Journalist


              Bel Jacobs is a fashion and arts journalist and a long time champion of sustainable fashion and independent labels. Working as Style Editor for Metro until 2013, Bel interviewed key figures such as Karl Lagerfeld, Rita Ora, Christian Louboutin, Vivienne Westwood, Philip Treacy, Isabella Blow and Valentino Garavani, helping to build the papers fashion content. Bel was also one of the first UK Fashion Editors to showcase conscious brands and commission sustainable fashion editorials for a daily newspaper. Find out more here!

              Diana Auria, Swimwear Designer, Creative & Managing Director AURIA


              Diana studied at Central St Martins and went on to specialise in lingerie and swim design at London College of Fashion. Diana then founded AURIA in 2013, a unique swimwear line that uses innovative recycling techniques to utilise discarded fishing nets and other waste to create on-trend pieces. Her craft and care are balanced with conscious innovation and playful style to flatter the modern woman. Diana is a proud ambassador of sustainability within the fashion industry and has spoken on the subject at various talks including one at The Royal Society of Arts. She has also worked on special sustainable projects with Selfridges and Sony. Find out more here!

              Alice Wilby, Stylist, Creative Director & Co-Founder Novel Beings


              A London based fashion stylist, Alice Wilby is also the Creative Director and Co-Founder of Novel Beings; the first styling agency to exclusively represent ‘conscious creatives’. Meaning incorporating her personal commitment to promoting sustainable, ethical and conscious brands. Prior to the founding of Novel Beings, Alice edited, an eco consultancy, where she worked on the launch of the Gucci for the Green Carpet Challenge. Alice’s sustainable styling has appeared in the likes of Vogue and Metro and her client list boasts names like BBC, Disney, Universal Records and Land Rover. Find out more here!

              Want to know more? Check out our Facebook Event!

              Words: Tatjana Nicholson

              Beyond Retro Presents The Alternative Escape

              Scruff of the Neck is bringing you some of the best new bands from the UK and across Europe, as part of The Alternative Escape (officially part of The Great Escape). Setting up camp in Beyond Retro, it’s going to be three days of incredible music and the chance to discover your new favourite band! And the best bit… it’s completely free!!

              In association with Reloaded and Light & Noise Productions.

              Join us for a cheeky after-party at The Kings Arms Hostel, where there will be drinks and more great music!

              Please see below for the event information and to find out more about the brilliant bands, and don’t forget to click attending on our Facebook event!

              WHERE? Beyond Retro Brighton, 42 Vine St, Brighton BN1 4AG

              WHEN? Thursday the 18th of May to Saturday the 20th! 13:30-19:30.

              WHO’S PLAYING?


              Lacuna Bloome


              Kicking off the weekend, this Brighton-based band describe their style as ‘peachy pop’ and we are ready for it! Check out their Facebook for more info or have a listen on Soundcloud!



              Hailing from London Town, PACE are bringing us some alternative pop vibes! Curious? Have a listen on Soundcloud or check out their Facebook for more info!

              Joe Dolman

              Joe Dolman

              A Warwickshire native, this solo artist describes his sound as acoustic driven pop and we are intrigued! Have a listen on Soundcloud and discover more on his Facebook!

              Glass Caves


              Hailing from Yorkshire, this indie-rock band make their living from busking! Check out their website, have a listen to their Soundcloud or head to Facebook to find out more!

              Monday Tramps

              Monday Tramps

              This foursome from Munich are bringing us an indie-rock sound, with Rolling Stone describing their sound as a mix of ‘Beat, Britpop and Rock ‘n’ Roll’. Discover more on their Soundcloud or head to Facebook.



              Who is he? Make sure you are there to find out! In the meantime, research a little on Longy’s Facebook or check out his Soundcloud.

              The Lottery Winners


              Our headliners for this evening hail from Greater Manchester and are bringing us what they described as ‘Smiley pop music. (But not the rubbish kind, the good kind).’ Find out more on Facebook or have a listen on Soundcloud.




              We kick today off with some Brighton locals, promising ‘upbeat guitar based alt-pop’. Have a listen on Soundcloud or head to Facebook to find out more!



              Bringing their own ‘energetic, upbeat blend of pop, indie and post-rock’, this Brighton-based group won’t disappoint! Find out more on Facebook or have a listen on Soundcloud!

              False Heads

              False Heads

              Backed by the likes of Iggy Pop, this indie-rock trio from the outskirts of East London are bringing what they have described as ‘crack punk rock’, to the table! Read more on their website, listen on Soundcloud or have a look on Facebook!



              Hailing from Cheshire, this indie-pop threesome bring us a calypso infused indie sound, with Indie Buddie describing how they ‘combine their trademark tropical pop with raw guitar melodies’ and we are excited! Find out more here , check out their Facebook or head to Soundcloud!

              Indigo Velvet

              Indigo Velvet

              This Edinburgh-based band's sound has been described by The Skinny as ‘upbeat, playful, [with] irrepressibly bright compositions’ and we hear they rock some pretty great shirts as well! Find out more on their Facebook or have a listen on Soundcloud!



              This foursome from Leeds ‘wanna make your head bop, make you dance until you can’t stop…’ with their indie-pop vibes. Head to their website for more info, check out their Soundcloud or Facebook!

              Franko Fraize

              franko fraize

              The Clash describes this Norfolk based rapper’s sound as ‘oddly powerful’ whilst he delivers a ‘rough-hewn poeticism that finds both grit and beauty in the every day’. We can’t wait to hear more from tonight's headliner! Have a listen here or head to Facebook to find out more!


              La Lune

              La Lune

              La Lune (Olivia Judd) has recently been on BBC Introducing The South. We are really excited to start our day with her lovely mellow sounds. Check her out on Soundcloud or have a look at her Facebook!

              Young Monarch

              Young Monarch

              Bringing classical instruments to the weekend, this six piece band formed in Manchester, mixes the classical with the modern indie scene. Intrigued? Take a look at their Facebook or check out their Soundcloud!

              Fond of Rudy

              Fond of rudy

              ‘Outrageously catchy pop songs, things that linger in the imagination and burrow ever-more-deeply.’ is how The Clash describe this band from Brighton! Want to know more? Listen here or have a look at Facebook!

              The Hubbards

              The Hubbards

              Alternative, pop and indie rock are words that crop up again and again when discussing this Hull foursome’s sound. All that we know is that we are very excited to witness what has been described as ‘one of the most unique vocals you are likely to hear!’. Catch them on Soundcloud or Facebook!



              These Kent based describe their sound as an amalgamation of handpicked ‘elements of rock, pop & emo in equal measure’ and have been described as ‘... out of this world’ by Clash Magazine! Listen here or see here!



              Described by Hot Vox as ‘spitting social commentary lines, often spoken word leaping into soaring, hook-laden melodies and taking in subjects from greedy capitalism to annoying ex-lovers’ we cannot wait to hear these London lads live! Get a sneak preview on Soundcloud or check out their Facebook!

              Rory Indiana

              Rory Indiana

              This evening’s headliners are bringing us a mixture of rock, soul and pop for a unique sound! We cannot wait to hear this Brighton-based foursome’s sound! Have a sneak preview here or on their Facebook!

              Want to know more? Check out our Facebook Event!

              Words: Tatjana Nicholson

              Prom 2K17

              PROM - the time so many high school movies have prepared you for. You’ve finished all your exams, you’re all set to get all dolled up and have the best night of your life. So here’s to a night of photographs, dancing and FUN! No pressure.


              The prom scene is the best part of so many movies, mainly because of the outfits! Stand out, combine studded belts with pastel hues and patent leather with frills and chiffon. Go vintage for prom, it eliminates dress anxiety (cutting down your odds of running into a duplicate of your dress by approximately 1 million percent), it’s considerably cheaper than buying brand new from a specialist shop, and don’t forget, vintage items can also be tailored to give you the perfect fit!


              Here are some of our favorite prom fashion moments from the silver screen:

              1) Pretty in Pink

              When you think of 80s fashion, nothing is more iconic than Molly Ringwald's dress in Pretty in Pink! (Made from two Vintage prom dresses mashed together)

              2) 10 Things I Hate About You

              Although the last thing Kat wanted to do was go to prom, she still SLAYED it in this classic 90s spaghetti strap number.

              3) Jaw Breaker

              Courtney doesn’t have the best prom night after confessing to Killing Liz, but what better way to do it than in a beautiful sheer gown right after being crowned prom queen?!

              4) Footloose

              Take inspiration from Footloose and embrace a full length light chiffon. Opt for pastel pink for a universally flattering colour that will get you in the mood to party.

              5) American Pie

              For all the guys out there, frills aren’t only reserved for the girls! Add a little va-va-voom & win over the ladies with a vintage prom suit.

              For a rebellious take on the whole prom thing. Shop our newest edit
              PicMonkey Collage
              PicMonkey Collage2
              Team a pretty prom dress with a leather biker jacket. It’s all about the contrast. Accessorize with fishnets, DM’s and the more lace, the better!

              Photographer: Alessia Gunawan
              Instagram: @alygunawan

              Model: Jenny
              MUA: Daisy Thomas

              Fashion revolution week 2017

              Here at Beyond Retro sustainability is at the heart of everything we do and we fully believe in fashion that values people, the environment, and profit in equal measure.

              This week it's Fashion Revolution Week which marks the fourth anniversary of the devastating Rana Plaza garment factory collapse in 2013, where 1,134 people were killed and over 2,500 were injured in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This brought to light the horrible truth of fast fashion and the true cost of our clothes.
              Fashion Revolution Week encourages us to educate ourselves and others about the manufacturing of our clothes, sustainable alternatives and demonstrate our support.

              BEYOND RETRO LABEL

              We sift through a mountain of secondhand product to bring you the very best in vintage fashion. But only 1 in 1,000 items makes it to the shop floor. Our Beyond Retro LABEL is our answer to the other 999 items. Crafted from reclaimed materials this growing line of apparel and accessories aligns our passion for original design with a mounting concern for declining global resources.
              Made in a factory that is fully operated by us! Located in Western India (India is a world hub for industrial secondhand sorting) by a team of our 85 full-time employees that we know are being paid a fair wage and that they are being looked after - because they’re part of our Beyond Retro family.

              i made your clothes

              Take the factory tour.


              We have teamed up with Katie Jones, the Queen of crochet for a new limited edition collection for our Revolution Range made up of pieces all handmade in her London studio using surplus fabric and yarn. As a part of Fashion revolution week Katie opened up her studio for a workshop and discussion inviting people to come and learn the basics of crochet using studio surplus materials to create leather , crochet patches and chokers. Saving waste from the bin and giving your clothes a new edge!

              (Studio patch display via Katie Jones)

              WHAT CAN YOU DO?!

              Post a picture of you & your label!
              During this fashion revolution week take a selfie showing your clothing label, tag the brand on social media with the hashtag #whomademyclothes?

              Shop vintage/ Second hand
              Buying used goods cuts down on manufacturing demands and keeps more items out of the landfill. Another perk is that on average used clothing is 50% cheaper!

              Mend your clothes /swap with your friends
              Get crafty! Fall back in love with your old garb, patch up your old denim, Embellish and embroider, it’s so much fun. #Haulternative

              Stay in the know about the brands you are buying from, with apps like Good On You which ranks 1,000 fashion brands on their labour, environmental and animal ratings. Check out the Fashion Transparency Index - which ranks brands according to their level of transparency based on a questionnaire and publicly available information about supply chain issues.

              PicMonkey Collage

              We love fashion, but we don’t want our clothes to come at the cost of people or our planet!
              Reduce, reuse, recycle ?? Fashion Revolution Week is helping to notify the dangers our planet could face. Be kind to our planet & shop sustainable!

              Coachella 2017

              Coachella 2017 baby!

              For two weeks in April, the world of celebrity descends on Coachella Valley in Palm Springs, California to soak up the sun, music and attend oh-so exclusive parties. Anyone who's anyone is there - from the Jenner sisters to Courtney Love. It’s a far cry from a typically drizzly British festival; no wellington-boots, waterproofs or cider in sight.
              Here at Beyond Retro, we’ve got all your festival fashion needs covered. The combination of styles, patterns and texture is endless!

              We’ve rounded up some of our favourite looks from some famous Coachella attendees that you can recreate with vintage garms and accessories for half the price!

              1) Vennessa Hudgens:
              Hailed by many as the Coachella QUEEN, we can always count on Vennessa to serve us with her signature Bo-ho festival style. Shop our Black denim cut-offs and Fedora hats.

              2) Sophie Turner

              Sophie keeps it simple and chic and makes her statement with her shades. Shop our amazing range of Spitfire and vintage frames.

              3) Sofia Richie

              Sofia has well and truly ditched the florals for a killer street style look. Shop the look with some retro sportswear & red trousers.

              4) Kendall Jenner

              You have probably already seen the Jenner Sisters whole Coachella trip in the form of instagram posts / snapchat stories, but this look from Kendall is definitely our fave! Shop Kendalls look here: LABEL cold shoulder blouse , Denim cut offs , Caps

              5) Rita Ora

              We love this futuristic cowgirl look. We’re in fringe heaven! Show our fringed edit here!

              6) Selena Gomez & The Weekend.

              Couple co-ordination done well! A classy look with subtle western vibes.
              Shop Mens denim, floral dresses, & silk scarves.

              7) Chanel Iman
              Looking flawless as ever Chanel teams crochet with biker boots adding a sleek edge to her outfit.

              We’re counting down the days until festival season.
              We have 1000’s of unique, exclusive items online & in-store, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to get creative with your festival looks!
              Make sure to tag us in your funky, festival ensembles.

              Until next time!

              Words Lydia O'Sullivan